Biaxial for TÜV SÜD

In a few days we will deliver to Tüv Süd (is an independent certification, inspection, testing and training body offering certification services in the areas of quality, energy, environment, safety and products) a Biaxial, it is a computer-controlled load simulator for durability life testing of automotive wheels, tyres, hubs, bearings and their fasteners. The facility is capable of realistic simulations of all service stresses in complete wheel-hub assemblies. The machine can test some different kind wheels to industrial use and it can test light truck and truck wheels with max diameter 1.600 x 800 mm.

Biaxial can arrive at max speed is 130 Km/h, with a max radial load 250 KN and max axial load 100 KN, the load is obtained with electromechanical actuators. The our Biaxial respect EUWA Standard 3.23 norm “Biaxial fatigue test for truck wheels”.

In the past we had collaborated for other very important bodies as:

  • Motabaqah is specialized in laboratories creation for testing and calibration, supply of services, analyzes, emission conformity certificates and the operation and management of laboratories;
  • Idiada is specialized in services for the planning, testing, engineering and certification for the automotive industry in worldwide.

We are proud to begin a new partnership with an institution as important as the Tüv Süd.