Leonardo. trademark worldwide

From Maclodio to New York, from Barcelona to Seoul, from Istanbul to Sao Paulo.

In the animal kingdom, at 20 years old, many species are already old. In the world of the human beings, at 20 years old a person is an adult, able to have a family and a job. Nowadays, in the world of business, 20 years of success is an amazing target.

To make this date a successful, special date, not just a number, it’s necessary to remember all values Leonardo proved to its customers from 1994 to today. During these 20 years of activity, Leonardo S.r.l. showed endless research and total commitment, establishing itself as the most reliable partner for testing & measurement in the Automotive industry and more.

Today Leonardo is proud to announce the registration of LEONARDO trademark worldwide and this result is something more to be proud of: from Maclodio to Shanghai, from Bangkok to Rio De Janeiro, from Jakarta to Mexico City, everywhere in the world of testing, Leonardo means high quality, excellent reliability and continuous development for new, extraordinary achievements.