Machinery for testing and dimensional control,
leak test, testing and operation.

“Machines for testing your machines”.

From testing to dimensional control, from leak test, to measurement and wheels testing, Leonardo plans, realizes, and installs machines for test your machines, testing and measurement your components, confirm the operation, duration, resistance and reliability.

A “Technological Tailoring” in which to develop projects that give rise to products.

From hearing to assistance.

From hearing and from analysis to single control needs, measurements, leak test, testing, Leonardo’s team works to imagine and design the perfect tool: it builds installs and tests and Leonardo follows its customers in after-sales service.

Only reality really well rounded, Leonardo has been defined a “Technological Tailoring”: a place in which to develop projects that give arise products.

Choose Leonardo, Choose excellence.

For Leonardo’s customers, the word quality isn’t a slogan, but a synonym of excellence, safety, reliability and maximum efficiency on all production line.

ISO 9001:2015 Also this year Leonardo obtains the ISO 9001: 2015 quality certification. A result that fills us with pride, which comes from the commitment of all our...
Gear Mesh Leonardo is able to provide a broad range of solutions with 2-side gear-meters, useful for 100% functional control on the production line.